Helium: Understanding the Market in 2020

Part 2

Helium: Understanding the Market in 2020

A three-part series of webinars from gasworld TV, exploring the global helium market today, the impact of Covid-19, and what the future may hold from 2021 onwards.

Join host Rob Cockerill (gasworld), series sponsor Evonik, and a series of expert panellists as they get to grips with one of the hottest topics in the industrial gases business today.

Part 2 – Helium & Covid-19: Impact on Applications and the Supply Chain
Friday 23rd October, 2:30pm BST

2020: It’s been a long and challenging year, like no other. We all know about the impact of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic on our lives, industries and economies. It has re-written the business playbook, shone a spotlight on digital technologies and sent shockwaves through industries and applications the world over.

But what impact has the pandemic had on the global helium business? Has it really brought an early end to Helium Shortage 3.0? And what impact has been seen on various helium applications? Part 2 of the series bares all.

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