Helium: Understanding the Market in 2020

Part 1

Helium: Understanding the Market in 2020

A three-part series of webinars from gasworld TV, exploring the global helium market today, the impact of Covid-19, and what the future may hold from 2021 onwards.

Join host Rob Cockerill (gasworld), series sponsor Evonik, and a series of expert panellists as they get to grips with one of the hottest topics in the industrial gases business today.

Part 1 – Helium Exploration Today
Friday 16th October, 2:30pm BST

With the world awash with headlines concerning helium sourcing, shortages and availability on the one hand, and plentiful helium prospecting on the other, Part 1 of the series discusses helium exploration today, the difference between proven and prospective reserves, and the technologies enabling effective helium exploration.

Guest Speakers
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Your webinar hosts
Rob Cockerill
Content Director
gasworld, H2 View
Thomas Dee
Broadcast Journalist


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