Bandwidth in Your Business

Part 3

Bandwidth in Your Business: Part 3

Ready to Realise Opportunities

It’s been more than XXXXX weeks of lockdown for the global industrial gases business – grounded flights, businesses on remote control, and new learnings in interaction and how to do business. We’ve discussed our learnings from lockdowns, and the options available to optimise operations, so what comes next?

Here in Part 3 of gasworld’s new series of webinars, we explore the growth markets to be targeted.

When the world wakes up from its enforced slumber and our industry begins its bounceback with great gusto, where are the new market opportunities? If we’re going where the growth is, where is that exactly? This extended webinar looks at where your business needs to find that extra bandwidth and ready itself to realise the opportunities ahead.

Guest Speakers
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Rob Cockerill
Content Director
gasworld, H2 View
Thomas Dee
Broadcast Journalist


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