H2 101 – introduction to hydrogen and the hydrogen value chain

Class of H2

At a time when hydrogen is the new gold rush for so many investors and start-ups alike, and the skills gap risks becoming the skills gulf, there’s a need to better understand the hydrogen value chain and what that investment looks like.

In this online training module, learn the fundamentals of hydrogen and the supply chain – from its properties and production through to its applications and potential future role in the clean energies transition. A basic overview of handling, distribution and safety considerations will also be provided, to be built on in further modules.

This two-hour masterclass will enable you to piece together the puzzle of your hydrogen project(s), sense-check the science versus the investment, and take your basic hydrogen knowledge to the next level.

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Guest Speakers
picture of the speaker Stephen B. Harrison
Stephen B. Harrison
Founder and Managing Director
sbh4 Consulting
Your webinar hosts
picture of the speaker Rob Cockerill
Rob Cockerill
Content Director
gasworld, H2 View
picture of the speaker Thomas Dee
Thomas Dee
Broadcast Journalist


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