Andy Tuan

Andy Tuan
Managing Director of Asia
Linx Consulting

Andy Tuan joined Linx Consulting in 2014 to manage Linx Consulting’s Asian business. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuan is responsible for business development and project management and overall strategy development in Asia.

Prior to joining Linx, Tuan was director of strategic marketing of the Global Electronics Division of Air Products and Chemicals, where he focused on semiconductor, LCD, photovoltaics, LED, and other emerging electronics industry segments in Asia. He was also general manager of the Electronics Business in China, and global product manager in the company’s electronics specialty material group at the US headquarters.

Tuan had joined Air Products Asia in 1996 where he built and led the regional electronics commercial team in Taipei. In this capacity, he supported the establishment and integration of an intra-Asia electronics supply network of manufacturing vendors, affiliate companies, strategic business partners and channel distributors across Asia. He also led several semiconductor and solar cell project activities in Southeast Asia and India as a new fab business development manager.

Before Air Products, Tuan worked in sales, marketing and product development in other global electronics device and electronics materials companies including Fujitsu in Japan, Merck-Kanto Advanced Chemicals in Taiwan, and Merck KGaA, Germany.

Tuan is an active participant of SEMI, a non-profit industry association that provides services to the global semiconductor industry, where he assumed various roles including technical standard programme member, PV Committee member, LED Committee member, regional advisory board member, and executive consulting member.