Let’s Talk Hydrogen: Selecting the Right Components for Dispensers in a Hydrogen Refueling Station

December 13th 2023 | 16:30 (GMT)

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As hydrogen continues to emerge as an attractive option, it brings along its own set of challenges. At the core of these concerns is the fact that many components used in traditional systems are not certified to handle the additional demands that hydrogen puts on fuel systems. Knowing that hydrogen presents greater risks for leaks because of its high pressures and unique molecular structure, it is important to ensure that every component in your system is compatible with hydrogen and has the robustness to handle the additional demands.

Join us on December 13th and 16:30 (GMT) as we discuss the latest technologies and best practices for selecting the right components for dispensers in a hydrogen refueling station.

During the webinar, Parker will share insights on the following topics:

  • Hydrogen market drivers and trends
  • Overview of hydrogen refueling stations and dispensers
  • The challenges of working with hydrogen
  • Criteria for selecting the right components for your dispenser

The webinar will also include a live Q&A session where attendees can ask questions and get answers from the speaker.

Webinar Host:

Stephen Learney

SME Hydrogen Refueling

Parker Hannifin

Steve Duricky

Global Platform Manager

Parker Hannifin

Neil McPherson

Filtration Alternative Energy Mgr

Parker Hannifin