A New Online Era: How We Solved the Biggest Problems with Gas & Welding Ecommerce

Going live: 4th April 2023 | 16:00 (BST) 11:00 (EST)

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It’s been 2+ years in the making, but the biggest problems with gas and welding ecommerce have finally been solved. The goal: enable independent gas and welding businesses to connect with suppliers, technology providers, and product data providers to give distributors and customers a world-class digital experience. Watch and discover how EvolutionX, Computers Unlimited, and DDS accomplished their mission, PLUS, see a real-life demo of the results.

Webinar Hosts:

Dave Bent

VP Operations

ECI | EvolutionX

Alex Kalvin

VP of Sales

ECI | EvolutionX

David Schaer


Computers Unlimited

Matt Christensen