6: Underground H2 Storage – Underground hydrogen storage for energy and power balancing


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Underground H2 Storage: High-capacity underground hydrogen storage for energy and power balancing

When hydrogen replaces natural gas for heating, the demand profile will be highly seasonal according to how warm or cold the weather is. Hydrogen production from hydro-electric power can also be highly seasonal according to how much rainfall or snowmelt is entering the river system.

High-capacity storage is required to ensure cost-effective hydrogen production or utilisation in seasonal situations. Underground hydrogen storage in man-made salt caverns is one of the most cost-effective solutions, where the underground geography permits. Other high-capacity storage options also exist.

This course will cover some of the high-capacity storage options and explain in which situations each may be suitable. The seasonality of some production and use-cases will also be covered to underline the importance of high-capacity hydrogen storage.

If you are investing in hydrogen value chains or considering the most appropriate technologies to implement for your projects, this course will provide insights to support your decision-making. Future operators and owners of high-capacity underground hydrogen storage will also gain exposure to the technique.

Why attend?

  • Fully understand the need for energy storage as variable renewable energy production scales up
  • Learn about time-shifting with seasonal hydrogen storage and seasonal hydrogen demand
  • Understand the opportunity in large-scale hydro-electric power to hydrogen with seasonal energy storage
  • Equip your business with knowledge of underground storage of hydrogen in salt caverns, depleted gas fields and aquifers
  • Understand underground storage of natural gas and underground methanation
  • Challenge your thinking, critique your business model and ensure you’re best positioned to succeed in this competitive market

When and where:

Friday 6th October, 9:30am to 11:30am CEST (08:30am to 10:30am BST)

You can expect

  • 90 minutes masterclass on the topic from recognised trainer
  • 30 minutes audience Q&A per module (moderated)
  • Diagrams, images and data-graphics to enrich the experience
  • PDF slide deck of module provided to all participants, post-session
  • Available on-demand as a recording of the live session