5: Biomass to H2 – biomass as a pathway to green hydrogen


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Biomass to H2: Biomass as a pathway to green and low-carbon hydrogen

Green hydrogen is becoming synonymous with electrolysis of water with renewable power. But the definition also covers other renewable pathways to hydrogen such as thermolysis of biomass or reforming of biomethane.

This course will provide tangible examples of technologies for green hydrogen generation from non-electrolysis pathways. Some of the processes are used at scale today; others are plans or pipe dreams for the future. Many of the technologies covered in this course have the potential to become mainstream low-carbon hydrogen production routes in future decades.

If you are investing in the hydrogen economy or considering technologies to implement for your projects, thinking through the likely winners and losers will be fundamental to your analysis. This course will provide some insights support that process.

Why attend?

  • Build your knowledge of biomass-rich municipal solid waste as a feedstock
  • Build your knowledge of woody biomass and agricultural wastes as feedstocks
  • Better understand the science and thermolysis technologies for biomass to hydrogen and other co-products
  • Enhance your understanding of the business case behind wastewater/animal waste to biomethane to hydrogen with reforming
  • Identify the latent opportunities in the carbon-negative pathways of today and tomorrow

When and where?

Thursday 5th October, 2:30pm to 04:30pm CEST (01:30pm to 03:30pm BST)

You can expect:

  • 90 minutes masterclass on the topic from recognised trainer
  • 30 minutes audience Q&A per module (moderated)
  • Diagrams, images and data-graphics to enrich the experience
  • PDF slide deck of module provided (digitally) to all participants, post-session
  • 30 minutes commercial case study and Q&A (moderated)
  • Available on-demand as a recording of the live session