H2 View’s Renewables & Ecosystem Snap Summit 2023



H2 View’s Renewables & Ecosystem Snap Summit

– Making Hydrogen Happen –

Going live: April 24th 2023 | 13:00 (BST)

The entire ecosystem for green hydrogen requires alignment. From the currently wasted capacities in wind and solar power, to the requirements in water resource and availability. From the infrastructure build-out to the value chain approach that will be fundamental to a successful roll-out.

If the emphasis is increasingly on collaboration, final investment decisions and pragmatism in hydrogen’s build-out as this sector begins to mature, then a range of challenges and opportunities are still be explored.

  • What needs to happen with renewables, capacities and energy storage?
  • How can we succeed in grid balancing?
  • What role for hydroelectricity as an energy source in green hydrogen generation?
  • How are ammonia markets developing and are we geared up for ammonia’s future role with green hydrogen?
  • What does a successful value chain approach look like?
  • And what are the applications or directions of travel that we should focus on?

Join H2 View this April, together with our partner BC Hydro, for a half-day digital event devoted to thought leadership, insights and actionable takeaways in the green hydrogen ecosystem.

Premium Subscribers to H2 View have access to this event as part of their subscription package; non-subscribers can secure access to the event with a delegate ticket ($49). 


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Session 1: The Power of Renewables

Kate O’Rorke

Head of Communications

Hydrogen Utopia International PLC

Lester Dyck

Business Development Manager

BC Hydro

Naheed Memon


Oracle Power

Session 2: The Green Hydrogen Ecosystem

Dr Christian Gebauer

Head of R&D Hydrogen Systems

Heraeus Precious Metals

Per Øyvind Voie

Managing Director


Christopher Barker

Managing Partner


Session 3: Realising a Successful Hydrogen Ecosystem

Benjamin Schwarz

Head of Investor Relations

Fusion Fuels

Nicolas Pocard

Vice President Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Ballard Power Systems

Patric Ouellette

Vice President of Infrastructure


Prof. Dr. Christian Mohrdieck

Chief Commercial Officer