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IQ4H2 focuses on three core areas of product or system development: Technology Acceleration, Product Commercialization, and Safety & Optimization. IQ4H2 is not a consulting group; instead, the team focuses on specific areas of product or system development that a company needs to accelerate...

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CO2Meter is identified as a ”leading source” for gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions. Since 2006, CO2Meter continues to work diligently to utilize the latest, proven gas sensing technologies in order to solve the urgent needs of partners, customers, and professionals across...

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Commercial Fuel Solutions/ e-power

Commercial Fuel Solutions® and e-power®: Leaders in Off-grid Hydrogen Fuelled Power Generation Systems

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ECI | EvolutionX

EvolutionX is a best-in-class B2B ecommerce solution that helps distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers sell more online. The platform provides a modern website that allows customers to browse, add to cart, and purchase products in seconds.

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Faun Zoeller
FuelCell Energy

FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ: FCEL) is a global leader in delivering clean, innovative and affordable fuel cell solutions for supply, recovery and storage.

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Gas Vessel Production
H2 Intelligence

H2 Intelligence is a centralised hub that offers comprehensive information on global hydrogen markets and facilitates informed decision-making for industry stakeholders across the globe. To find out more, visit: Learn more

Hydrogen Mem-Tech
Nippon Gases

Making life better through gas technology

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Air is mainly composed of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon, technical gases that are essential in modern industrial processes. This video shows the Air Separation Process in the SIAD Group plants and explains how the individual components are obtained.

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TFP Hydrogen Products
W.L Gore
Worthington Industries

Worthington Industries is a leading global industrial manufacturing company delivering innovative solutions.

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