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Paddy Lowe, Zero Petroleum

An age-old science proven in photosynthesis and engineering feats of previous decades could hold the key to near-term decarbonisation, and a long-term window of breathing space for the scale-up of renewables.

That’s the vision of Zero Petroleum, a new enterprise dedicated to the production of ‘net zero’ petroleum-based products.

Understand more about synthetic petroleum , the scale-up of alternative fuels, policy and politics and fuels for the next generation of motorsport in an exclusive gasworld interview as host Rob Cockerill sits down with Paddy Lowe, co-founder and Director of Zero Petroleum and formerly the executive director of the Mercedes Formula One (F1) team, and a key figure in F1 for more than 30 years.

Rob Cockerill


Global Managing Editor, gasworld

Paddy Lowe