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Filmed : 26 June 2020 2:30 pm (UTC +1)
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Lessons Learned from Lockdown

Industrial Gas Insights & Operations During a Pandemic

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Part 1

Lessons Learned from Lockdown

As the global industrial gases business endures it sixth week of enforced lockdown, gasworld’s hot new series of webinars exploring the bandwidth in your business begins with a look at some of the lessons learned from lockdown. From the renewed drive for video conferencing and webinars to the human ad societal legacy of life under lockdown, this webinar explores new and rejuvenated business learnings for us all to take note of.


Your Host & Guest Speakers

Rob Cockerill


Global Managing Editor, gasworld

Chet Reshamwala

Guest Speaker

CEO, Anova

Ravin Mirchandani

Guest Speaker

Director, Mack Valves

Stephen B. Harrison

Guest Speaker

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