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Going live: September 20th 2023 | 14:30 (BST)

With the imminent launch of its Global Overview Report dissecting the industrial gases business in 2022, get a rare inside track with the gasworld Business Intelligence team on the industrial gas year that was – and what’s still to come.

In this webinar we’ll get exclusive insight into:

  • The dynamics driving the global gases business in 2022
  • The headlines and key takeaways emerging from the industrial gas year
  • The regional market shakedown and overall performance
  • The state of the global industrial gases business in 2022/23
  • A live Q&A opportunity to put your questions to the gasworld Business Intelligence team

Join hosts Rob Cockerill and Thomas Dee, and special guests Keelan Butler and Karina Kocha, this September!

For a limited time gasworld Business Intelligence have a presale offer on The Global Overview Report 2022. You can save $1,000 if you purchase the report before September 29th 2023*. Find out more here.

Guest Speakers:

Keelan Butler

Junior Business Intelligence Analyst

gasworld Business Intelligence

Karina Kocha

Business Intelligence Manager

gasworld Business Intelligence

Your Webinar Hosts:

Rob Cockerill

Content Director


Thomas Dee

Broadcast Journalist