Specialty Gases in 2023

Going live: July 7th 2023 | 14:30 (BST)

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If the specialty gases business has been one of the growth hotspots in the gases space in recent years, then the challenge is to best understand what ‘specialty gases’ are, what this sector requires and what comes next.

Here in this exclusive webinar from gasworld, powered by Weldcoa, we explore the past, present and future of the specialty gases business and where both the challenges and opportunities exist.

In addition to a helicopter view of the market and its future, and the expected growth in the electronics materials and semiconductor industry, this webinar will provide insight into the technological component of the business – the key equipment, systems and services that underpin its stakeholders and growth potential.

Join gasworld this July to absorb all of these insights and ensure you’re part of the discussion and debate.

Guest Speakers:

Tom Scaramellino

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Kevin Klotz

Field Technician and Customer Support Specialist


Michael Corbett

Managing Partner

Linx Consulting

Your Webinar Hosts:

Rob Cockerill

Content Director


Thomas Dee

Broadcast Journalist