#62 Air Gases: What’s New?

Air Gases: What’s New?

gasworld in conversation with EIGA

Going Live February 10th 2023 | 14:30 (BST)

The air gases business (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) has been the backbone of the global industrial gases business for over a century and remains at the heart of the cross-section of the industrial sector as we know it.

These are gases and mixtures that are critical to so many industries, economies and walks of life – indeed, they are also fundamental to sustaining life itself. Yet the business of air gases often takes a backseat in the headlines, as hot topic gases like helium and carbon dioxide (CO2) endure perennial shortages and in-vogue molecules such as hydrogen find new popularity in the discourse of decarbonisation.

So what’s new in air gases in 2023?

gasworld sits down this Friday with the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) to talk all things air gases and ask, what are the current talking points in this critical business?

EIGA is a safety and technically oriented organisation representing the vast majority of European and a number of non-European companies producing and distributing industrial, medical and food gases. The association this year celebrates its centenary and Secretary General Philippe Cornille will sit down with hosts Rob Cockerill and Thomas Dee to share his views.

There will be no live Q&A in this webinar, so send your questions into the gasworld team now to have them answered!


Guest Speakers:

Philippe Cornille

Secretary General


Your Webinar Hosts:

Rob Cockerill

Global Content Director


Thomas Dee

Broadcast Journalist