#51 Industrial Gases: Driving on in Digitisation & Diversification

Industrial Gases: Driving on in Digitisation & Diversification

Going Live 26th August 2022 | 14:30 (BST)

Two of the biggest movements in the gases industry today are digitisation and decentralisation of resources. If you’re not digitising, you’re falling behind the curve. If supply chains aren’t decentralised and diversified, they risk falling out of balance.

The CO2 business provides a constant reminder of the need to diversify its sourcing, and current shortages in the US bring this sharply into focus once more.

Join gasworld this 26th August as we discuss these two topics with the insights of live guests and supported by the learnings of previous webinar speakers.

Learn more about the importance of e-commerce in industrial gases and how to realise your digital goals with Matt Christensen, President and Co-Founder of DDS. Better understand the current CO2 shortages in the US with the gasworld team, and hear more about the need for diversification in the CO2 supply chain with fellow live panellist Chris Carson, title. And look out for insights into medical oxygen, specialty gases and helium supply chains too. See you there!

Join Host Rob Cockerill & 186 other industry professionals for the Live Webinar!

Rob Cockerill


Global Managing Editor, gasworld

Matt Christensen

President and Co-Founder

DDS (Distributor Data Solutions)

Christopher Carson

Founder and Director

Carbonic Solutions

Thomas Dee

Broadcast Journalist